Windy air

A la luz de las estrellas,

bajo la resplandeciente luna,

me dejo llevar.

Me suelto la melena,

me balanceo de la rama más alta

y empiezo a volar.

Aire salado,

viento en la cara,

arena mojada.



10 x 10 Challenge

Good morning my beautiful souls!!

I want to share with you one of my best achives lately!! Few weekends ago I decided (not very sure why) I would done a minimalist challenge just to prove myself I can do it. I search on the web and find out about the 333 project and few similars’ ones. But finally I deided to try the “10×10 challenge” hosted by Un-fancy. I love her style and I would love to get such a incredible clean style somewhen…

Let’s be honest, two firsts days was awful. I mean, I’m used to had a lot of clothes to mix-match every morning, but for those days I only have two pants and three uppers to chose… It was difficult to me… But at the end of this challenge I felt so much in tune with myself. I mean, get only a few options make me being more conscious about my choices. And I discovered I love that kind of freedom. It was so easy, this or that pants, no more to think about.

I encourage you to give it a try (and for summer I think it will be even more easy, because you know, no coats needed!)

I start to make the season wardrobe change and after this challenge I put so less clothes on my wardrobe, beacouse I feel I needn’t anymore. Next challenge is shoes for me, but it will be hard… I used to bought a lot pairs years ago, and probably own 60-70 pairs… Never count them! So, I got free time this weekend and I know exactly what will be my plans!!

Have you done some challenge like this?? How it went on!? Tell me your thoughts on comments!!

Good Vibes,

Ps. FYI I get another more jersey and a trench coat, but I didn’t use the booties!!

Spring vibes: Yoga yin playlist

Good morning lovely souls!

Little by little Spring is started here in my home town and I feel so inspired by all that live blossom that I create this playlist for you. I hope you enjoy it while you take a few moment (well, for me it takes at least half hour…) for reconnect yourself with all the energy around. Feel the ground, the flowers blossom and the sun, that is more and more hours with us per day. Enjoy the summer approach and going deeper with your practice. I promise you it only gets better!

HELTHY HAPPINESS: Chocolate Granola

Good morning lovely souls!!

I hope you’ve started the week in the right way.

If you follow me on my instagram account (@nereidamarmo) you probably had seen I made homemade granola for this week’s breakfast. I must to say I usually bought it, but since last month there’s no more on sale. So I decided to recreate it. Need to make some adjustment since I not really like the taste of the pumpkin’ seeds… but, anyway, there’s my lastest breakfast recipe!!

You only need some ingredients:

  • 2 cups oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup ground unsweetened coconut
  • 2-3 tbspoon raw cocoa powder
  • 1 tbspoon mixed seeds
  • 2 tbspoon agave syrup
  • 1 tbspoon water
  • 2 tbspoon organic coconut oil

I usually mix all the dry ingredients until they are all well combined and then add the wet ingredients. You just need to mix it all.

Preheat the oven 180ºC.

Spread the mix over a foil baking pan and let it cook on the oven for about 10min or until it gets golden.

Let it cold down and the store it on a crystal jar.

As I told you before, next time I’ll try to make the mix without seeds and add some nuts just before store the granola. Maybe I’ll add to the mix a little bit more of coconut as I love it and with this recipe you can’t barely taste it… But I must say Ilove it anyway. It makes my breakfast more easy without make them less healthy so it’s a WIN-WIN!!

Tell me if you try some of my recipes with the hashtag #healthyhappiness on IG!!

Good Vibes,